Where is home?  Good question!  For years we called metro Detroit our home and then... one crazy weekend of fun with the in-laws, a weekend of four wheelin' and a few wine coolers later lead us to answer an ad on indeed that has changed our lives forever. 

We are blessed to enjoy Michigan's 4 Seasons in Lake County in the wonderful communities we call home. Irons-Luther-Baldwin & Wolf Lake just minutes from Cadillac and about an hour south of Traverse City (in the snow belt or trail region of Michigan).

We were crazy enough to purchase a foreclosure on M-37 and someday dream of turning our little "hobby" into a general store that'll serve vacationers and locals with apparel, specialty items, home decor', holiday items and whatnot.

For now, we plug away at it as a "side hussle" as my niece so eloquently describes it, to pay off the debts a little more quickly. Our intent is to be able to enjoy fun things like boating, camping, kayaking, snowmobiling, ATVing and just a great glass o' wine or a swig of beer with friends! 

As we sell designs from our earliest adventures in 2019... you'll see us dip our toes into creating an apparel brand specifically focused on Lake County, Michigan and the Great Outdoors!  Thanks for helping us on our journey... Harry & Sandy

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